Recycle with Scrappies

Does your business, or do you often have waste items which you think could be re-used? Do you have end-of-rolls, boxes, tubs, containers, useful packaging, excess stationery, expired samples or any leftovers which might be suitable for craft workers and children to use in their craft?

Scrappies may be able to collect from you free of charge if you are based in Shropshire, which may save you money on landfill costs. Please call the store on tel 01694 328 508 for more information. Here’s a list of some of the things we collect.

Let us help you get rid of your waste and turn it into something beautiful and useful.

To Lesley and your gang

Thank you so much for receiving MBAG yesterday. We were a bit like kids in a sweetie shop weren’t we? Some of our members had come quite a distance but all of us thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it well worth their journey. Your new home has a really nice feel to it, is methodical and very welcoming. Thank you again Leslie.

Cathy  (Jones)     MBAG [Marches BookArts Group